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have been forced from their homes. on this veterans day, u.s. marines arrived to help a country where americans once fought and died. the united states is sending shelter and hygiene supplies to aid 10,000 families and 55 tons of emergency rations which can feed 20,000 children and 15,000 adults, at least for a few days. seen from the air, the scale of the devastation is breathtaking. almost unimaginable. on the ground, the grim reality, entire towns turned into rubble, stunned survivors scavenge for food and water amid the stench of bodies. let's go live to the island of sebu, which took a direct hit. anna, you tveled with the military to a remote group of islands devastated by the typhoon. tell our viewers what you saw. >> reporter: well, wolf, we are here at the cebu air base which is very much a staging ground for this massive military operation to get food, to get water, to get those desperately needed supplies to the people who need it. as you say, we joined the military and went to one of those really hard-hit areas. i mean, you're talking town after town, village after village
's the scene police found this morning. the story they're piecing together is even more shocking. >>> as the u.s. tries to close a nuclear deal with iran, a split with israel goes very public. i will speak with the president's national security advisor, susan rice. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> this coming into "the situation room." george zimmerman free on $9,000 bail. this is george zimmerman leaving the correctional facility in seminole county, florida, onl a few minutes ago. zimmman peared in court four nter bng acquitted in the killing of trayvon martin. now he's facing a charge of felony aggravated assault on this woman, his girlfriend, samantha scheibe, seen here in facebook photos. she told police zimmerman pointed a shotgun at her, prompting her to call 911. cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin is standing by. let's go straight to alina machado in sanford, florida. what's the latest on george zimmerman? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, george zimmerman is free on bond tonight. we want to again show you that video of him leaving the correctional facility h
about his relationships and his connections. >> you know, a lot of us remember a few years ago, there was a republican congressman from western new york who tweeted a picture, a self-y, if you will, of himself without a shirt. there it is right there. former congressman chris lee. the speaker at that time, john boehner, he had zero tolerance. he basically told this guy, you're out of here. and he resigned in a nanosecond. and this time, they're showing a lot more patience with this other republican freshman congressman. >> i suppose it all has to do about the specific case. in his example, there were questions about whether there might be other things coming down the road that could embarrass him or the congress. but many people take your point, that i spoke to today, said members of congress have actually been thrown under the bus for less than what has happened with trey radel. >> we'll see what happens to him. all right. thanks very much, joe johns reporting. it's not every day a congressman gets busted for cocaine. let's dig a little bit deeper right now with hln law enforc
. four days after the most powerful typhoon on record, a u.s. general on the ground is warning that many more people could be dead within a week if food and other aid don't get to where they're needed the most and soon. the philippine president tells cnn he now expects the final death toll to be around 2500. that's far lower than an earlier estimate from officials of some 10,000, but it's still way too early to tell with the bodies in the streets and the communications still very slow or simply out all together. the u.s. government says two americans are among the dead. cnn's paula hancocks and anna koren in the disaster zone for us. anna, you traveled to the area where the typhoon first hit the philippines. tell us what you saw. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. we traveled with the military to guyan which is the first township to have been hit by super typhoon haiyan. as we flew over, everything, every single structure, had been flattened. as we came into the airfield, these giant palm trees, every single one of them snapped which gives you an idea of the power of this storm. we were on
of free and open debate is taken away from the minority party and the millions of americans who ask us to be their voice, i fear that the already partisan atmosphere in washington will be poisoned to the point where no one will be able to agree on anything. that doesn't serve anyone's best interest and it certainly isn't what the patriots who founded this democracy had in mind. we owe the people who sent us here more than that. we owe them much more. >> reporter: now, that may seem hypocritical to some people watching the change over the years, but white house officials insist in this case that it's different, that this ballooning opposition that you've seen over the years really tips the scale in favor of the nuclear option. i will say one other important question here that is at this point still unanswered. does the president see this as a temporary fix or a permanent solution, i asked white house spokesman josh earnest that at the briefing today and he wouldn't say, wolf. >> all right. brianna, thanks very much. so will the democrats' nuclear option fix a broken senate or lay waste
the assassination of president john f. kennedy. >>> plus, the controversy over using cell phones on airplanes. a proposed rule change sparking furious debate. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we're following potentially major, major developments in talks aimed at preventing iran from building a nuclear weapon. a short time ago, the state department announced that secretary of state john kerry will travel tonight to geneva, switzerland, a possible sign that an agreement may be near. we will go to geneva in a few moments. this afternoon, kerry also visited the grave of president john f. kennedy, joining people across the nation in marking the 50th anniversary of his assassination. the murder not only shook the country to its core, it also cast an enduring shadow over the city where it happened. but today, dallas took a major step toward coming to terms with its grim history. cnn is in dallas. how did the city mark this important day? >> reporter: well, it was fascinating. in the shadows of the school book depository, the sixth floor window above elm street, the final street
confrontation. fighters jets take to the sky after u.s. military planes enter disputed territory. can tension be defused before the crisis escalates? >>> international nightmare. an american man arrested and jailed in dubai on shocking charges. what was his alleged crime? >>> and biden in 2016. some say the vice president is positioning himself for his own white house bid, but will he really run? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim sciutto. you're in "the situation room." >>> long simmering tension over disputed territory has suddenly heated up. china's military scrambled fighter jets today after u.s. and japanese planes entered an air defense zone beijing unilaterally declared just last week. it's over the east china sea in a cluster of small uninhabited islands claimed by both china and japan. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is following developments for us. barbara, we had china declare the zone, u.s. planes flew through it, china warned again, u.s. planes flew through again. what's to keep this from escalatin escalating? >> reporter: right now, joe biden. the vice president is hea
complicated by a strong storm bringing wind, rain, and snow to much of the u.s. this is western michigan, near grand rapids, heavy snow, poor visibility, and dangerous driving conditions. and salt trucks are trying to keep ahead of the game in western pennsylvania where winter storm warnings are up in some areas. and here's flight tracker showing planes flying over the u.s. right now. the bright spot here, only a few cancellations so far today. delays of one to two hours are the bigger problem for many flyers. our correspondents are covering all of the angles of the story. we're going to begin with meteorologist chad myers in the cnn severe weather center. things could get much worse tonight? >> we're starting to see the delays build. they're not going away. they're starting to get to that -- remember tom foreman's piece yesterday, the tumble effect. all of a sudden, one delay builds on the next. if the plane coming into the gate is 60 minutes late, you're guaranteed to be 60 minutes late. 6,300 planes still in the sky right now. and on the east coast, very, very few are on time. i would say l
and is joining us now live. what does it look like from your vantage point? >> reporter: at the moment, in the last hour or so, it has significantly picked up pace here. i've just been talking with a storm chaser just then, he's come down and is standing close to me. he was saying the last gust we had just before we started this live was about 80 miles an hour. now, this storm is predicted to get a lot, lot stronger than this. the latest we're getting from the philippines national weather center now is gusting up to 380 kilometers. that's 235 miles an hour. now we're just at the beginning here. the storm as we know has made landfall about 400 kilometers from where i am, but is expected to move its way down towards here. we are expecting at this stage at least to get possibly a direct hit here. i don't know how much you can see behind me, but we're about one mile or so away from the waterfront. very, very windy. people have now basically hunkered down and are getting ready to ride this storm out. >> do they have precautions there? are there secure structures where you are in the philipp
. could he have been stopped? >>> and closed door deal. has the u.s. secretly been negotiating with iran for months? what will a new deal with the former american adversary mean for your safety and even your gas prices. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> heavy rain and snow, frigid temperatures and deadly road conditions all on the move and threatening to disrupt thanksgiving travel plans for millions of americans. a dozen people have died in road accidents, hundreds of flights have been canceled, hundreds of others are facing long delays all during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. cnn's renee marsh is at reagan national airport in d.c. we begin with our meteorologist chad myers at the cnn severe weather center. chad, what do our viewers need to know, especially those who are thinking of traveling this week? >> gulf of mexico moisture is going to try to run on top of canadian cold air that has run down into america. those two things don't like to happen at the same time. this rain now in the gulf coast states will turn into snow and -- it already turned int
and snow fell on the eastern u.s. look at the flight tracker behind me showing planes currently in the air right now. others are trying to join them, but facing lengthy delays and even cancellations. you can see that reflected in the airport misery map. dallas, houston, atlanta and washington are among the hardest hit airports where many of you are watching us tonight. we've got this satellite image to show you as well of the storm causing so much misery. you can see it covers a huge swath of the united states. our cnn correspondents are covering all angles of this unfolding travel nightmare. let's begin with meteorologist chad myers in the cnn severe weather center. chad, what are you seeing? >> you know, jim, i think we looked at the rain and said this is only going to be a rain event. well, you know what? the rain event is a big event. it's a big event if you're trying to put millions of people on the roadways to move. it's rain from pennsylvania southward all the way through here. snow to the north, don't get me wrong, in the midwest, ohio, pennsylvania, buffalo, but the issue is all o
like he's already running for the white house. but i tea party favorite marco rubio sems us don't jump to conclusions about who can save us. >>> awakes new yorkers afternoon the smackdown. >>> plus stunning new video of bad behavior from a miami dolphins player. were the coaches calling more than the plays on the field. >>> i'm kofl blitz. you're in the "the situation room." >>> stunning victory in one state a painful defeat in other. republicans are already second-guessing the results of an off-year election that may have a huge impact on the race for the white house. chris christie is often criticized by conservatives, but is he the one to lead republicans back to the promised land? he sounds like he's campaigning already. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is standing by. but let's begin first with erin davis. >> when a press conference today, chris christie said i think every day that you do a job like this one makes awe better executive. and he said, you think that would make me better prepared to be president. >> i'm not here to put on a show, i'm here to win. >> rep
and police. that was the supposed use of this weapon. it's an ar-15 type weapon. it's made by smith & wesson. whether it has a bullet button in it that would make it legal to use in california or to sell in california, i don't know. >> supposedly, senator, he went to a gun store in van nuys, bought this assault rifle legally without any problems with magazines and all of that. >> that's my understanding. >> is there a problem there in van nuys, california, where someone can just go in and buy this gun even if he may have some sort of history of mental illness? >> well, i don't know whether this was a federal firearms dealer or not. so that has to be shown. i've heard that it was, but i don't know for sure. but i think there's got to be a way to prevent people who have unstable mental illnesses from obtaining firearms. now, in aurora, this young man was clearly unstable. his mother should have known it from a lot of his attitude and behavior in his room. she took him out shooting. now, that's a strange thing. so how you do this, i wish i knew. how you categorize somebody as mentally not able
" about serious chemical weapons. after the threat of a u.s. military strike this summer, the regime of bashar al assad had apparently been cooperating with international teams working to destroy the country's stockpile of chemical weapons, but now, there are some disturbing new developments. let's go straight to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. barbara, you're picking up word of new classified intelligence that syria might not necessarily be giving up its chemical weapons. what are you learning? >> reporter: wolf, there is in fact, according to several u.s. officials i've spoken to, new highly classified intelligence that indicates bashar al assad might not be ready, might not even declare and be ready to destroy his entire inventory of chemical weapons stockpiles. officials are looking at all of this minute by minute now, and what they are telling me, one official is saying quote, there are various threads of information that would shake our confidence. he goes on to say they've done things recently that suggest syria is not ready to get rid of all their chemical weapons.
of the single worst things you can do for democracy. bill weir joining us for these last few seconds. your special airs tonight at 8:00. >> yeah, we have so much with him and more on that, his brother vowed they will use their own candidates to take out everybody on the toronto city council. unbelievable. >> that airs in a couple hours. thanks. welcome aboard. >>> that's it for "the lead." i'll be back at 6:00 p.m. eastern to anchor "the situation room." for now, i turn you over to jim sciutto filling in for wolf blitzer. >>> happening now, death and destruction in the heartland. we'll talk with a tornado survivor who never stopped praying even as he captured images of the storm that leveled his neighborhood. we'll go into the midwest disaster zone. >>> george zimmerman busted again. we'll take you live to florida where police talk about his latest brush with the law after his acquittal in the shooting death of teenager trayvon martin. >>> medical news you need to know. experts scramble to untangle the confusion after problems are discovered with new cholesterol guidelines. wolf blitzer is
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. join us tomorrow at 4:00 eastern for my interview with actor and activist matt damon. i turn you over to wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." >>> happening now, the president opens up. >> i'm not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. >> an apology and a proposed fix. can it save obama care? i'll talk to an insurance industry insider who says the president's plan could destabilize the market and make matters even worse. >>> plus, debating the obama care debacle. congresswoman michele bachmann getting ready to square off against paul begala. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> it's a snowballing debacle that has the white house under fire and under pressure from all sides right now. today, president obama took center stage accepting blame for the crisis plaguing obama care and offering a fix for one of the most controversial provisions that's resulted already in millions of people having their insurance plans canceled. but it's far from certain whether the president's fix will work. some say it could make matters even worse. our senior w
diplomats from the u.s. and other world powers urgently trying to seal a breakthrough deal with iran on its nuclear program. but would they let iran off the hook too easily? i'll be talking with a top israeli official. >>> and a deadly and devastating monster storm, perhaps the strongest ever recorded, pounds the philippines and takes aim at a new target. >>> and this space craft is now disintegrating and will soon come crashing to earth in pieces. we'll be telling you what you need to know. wolf blitzer is on assignment today. i'm brianna keilar and you're in "the situation room." >>> the u.s. and other world powers are urgently trying to nail down what would be a breakthrough agreement with iran on its nuclear program. the international community says that program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons. israel is already warning that the tentative agreement would be very dangerous. i'll be speaking with a top israeli official but let's go first to cnn chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto. you have the latest developments and also if this happens, it's a very, very big deal.
for a vast majority of americans who need to use it. now, that is the line we're hearing from the administration, wolf, that it will be operational by the end of the month for the vast majority of americans who need to use it. what does that mean? she sidestepped that and wouldn't define that. i've spoken with a number of industry sources who are familiar with technical experts on the ground and what they're trying to do and they don't actually have a very firm grip on exactly what that metric of the vast majority means. >> pbrianna keilar at the white house, the definition to be determined. >>> there was bitter partisanship on capitol hill as lawmakers grilled administration tech officials about the troubled obama care website and the witnesses cast fresh doubt on when the problems playing it will be -- plaguing it will be fixed. dana bash is here in the situation room with details. how did that hearing go? >> it was extremely intense because what they were talking about were all of the issues that led to the bad numbers that brie yap na was talking about and one of the main
agent with the police department. thank you for joining us. lou, on a scale of one to ten, how is the response at l.a.x. yesterday? >> exceptional. i think it's a boilerplate response now, don, regardless of where the incident takes place. it involves local agencies, federal agencies, fire, medical, air support, bomb squads. it's effective and thorough. >> what about, you know, barbara starr is reporting there were armed guards there at one point, but weren't there, had taken a break of some sort. what do you make of that? >> i can't confirm that. my experience in traveling through l.a.x. is there are always a type of post just beyond the magna tom ters that you walk through, the devices that screen you for weapons and are manned by law enforcement agency, the los angeles police department or the los angeles airport police. any report that these posts may have been abandoned, i find unusual. i never traveled through once and they were unposted. >> the suspect, quiet, a loner, what are the warning signs someone might do something like this? >> being quiet and a loner probably de
very much. joining us on the phone right now is tom lagos. he was there, a passenger, an eyewitness, and saw the gunman. first of all, how are you doing? >> little shaken up. it's been a long day. my wife and i were on a flight, we were delayed on a flight trying to get back to new york for the new york city marathon this weekend. when this whole thing erupted. >> so tell us what you saw, because i understand you actually saw the suspect, the shooter? >> yeah, that's correct. at first it was difficult to know exactly what was going on, but there was just a mass, a stampede of people coming towards our direction, towards the terminals. and at first people started hitting the ground, it wasn't clear what was happening. my initial gut reaction was maybe somebody had seen a bomb and people were taking cover. then some of the doors to the tarmac opened and people started filing out. i sort of went outside at first, and my wife reminded me hey, i left my purse back there. so i went back and got her purse and i saw the man walking around very cautiously, nonchalantly. >> was he holding his
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